Adding a Professional Stretch To Your Health Routine Can Change Your Life

While many New Year’s resolutions were made to get back to the gym and eat better, this year consider adding a weekly 30 to 60-minute professional stretch to your routine. 

Let’s face it as we age, things get sorer and our bodies get stiffer. But that doesn’t have to happen. A deep stretch routine can help you move better, feel better, experience less pain and become more active. 

Studies have found that stretching is considered an effective method for increasing joint range of motion, and is often thought to improve performance and reduce the incidence of activity‑related injuries.

Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong, and healthy, and we need that flexibility to maintain a range of motion in the joints. Without it, the muscles shorten and become tight. 

Stretchly, which opened in the summer of 2021 in Savage, has a team of professionals that are Neuromuscular Stretching Certified (NASM) and are passionate about helping people feel their best and be their strongest. In addition to stretch, compression services are offered to provide controlled pressure to various parts of the body which increases blood flow and decreases inflammation. 

“Everyone can benefit from a professional stretch from a senior citizen who is looking to prevent a fall or gain stability to a fitness fanatic who is looking for better performance and better muscle recovery to someone who just wants to feel better overall,” said Alyssa Diioia, co-owner of Stretchly and lead Flexpert.  “A professional stretch is like combining a massage and a physical therapy session.  As Flexperts we help you identify how your muscles are firing and where you need additional attention to feel your best.” 

Lisa and Keith McIntire of Prior Lake started weekly sessions at Stretchly three months ago.  Lisa was hoping to decrease pain in her lower back and reduce tension in her neck. Keith is working on flexibility and range of motion to ultimately improve his golf swing. 

“We both feel really good after we go,” Lisa said.  “Not only have the sessions reduced my pain and stiffness, but the Flexperts also give me exercises to work on at home so I can continue the progress made after each session. Keith is gaining mobility and flexibility and we will see this spring how that translates into his golf swing!” 

You can find more stories of how people are improving their lives through professional stretch on the Stretchly website and Facebook feed. 

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Teresa McFarland