Muscle Pain? It Might Be Your Fascia

Fascia (pronounced fash-ah) is a thin, protective casing of connective tissue that covers almost everything inside our bodies including muscles, nerves, organs and more. Fascia can be sensitive, just like our skin, and can get tight and irritated from daily stressors or injuries causing pain.  The good news is the “release” of the fascia can be done through professional stretch or massage as well as through self-myofascial release.

Some of the best ways to relieve tight fascia is by lengthening the fascia and muscles through active and static stretching and rolling  which can be done with a number of tools, such as foam rollers, hand rollers, and massage balls. 

Regularly utilizing these methods can help to decrease muscle pain or tightness and lengthen muscles to improve overall range of motion and flexibility. Assisted stretching can also increase your mobility even more utilizing what is called proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF). This method combines static stretching and muscle contraction which is proving to be very effective at getting muscles to release and lengthen, more so than static stretching can accomplish alone. 

If you are suffering from tightness in your body, or  struggling with performing certain movements like walking, reaching overhead, bending over, getting up and down from the floor, etc. utilizing these techniques could potentially prove to be very beneficial in improving your overall mobility and range of motion. Or visit a stretching professional near you to learn more.

Shelley Douty, MS, CPT, CSCS. 
Senior FLEXpert at Stretchly

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