Shifting Your Mindset Toward Invigorating Fitness Practices


About Us

As A Business…

Stretchly is a veteran-owned, new concept business in a growing boutique fitness industry. Stretchly offers clients & members one-on-one assisted stretching and personalized wellness programs anchored around three pillars of fitness: mobility, recovery, and performance.

Assisted Stretching is growing in awareness and popularity daily. People are increasingly becoming more wellness-minded and multiple generations are finding value in what consistent stretching can do for their lifestyles, hobbies, pain management, energy levels, and more.

Stretching improves mobility, slows the effects of aging, encourages daily wellness, increases endorphins, and aids in fitness recovery. Our customers range all age groups, demographics, body types, and lifestyles. It is our vision to inspire wellness in the community and build a team that shares in that vision.

As People…

We (Matt & Alyssa) are proud parents of twin boys, a family dog and a hairless cat… yes, hairless. We started this business because of a shared passion for wellness, business, and community. Matt is a USMC Veteran with a background in technology, communications and business management. Alyssa is a certified corrective exercise specialist, CrossFit coach, and overall bad-ass.

We are real people who appreciate real value. We intend to build our brand with value at the center of all we offer. We believe stretching can have a profound impact on peoples lives when performed on a regular basis so we are excited to bring this service south of the river.