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I grew up in a Christian home, I also attended Christian education for grades K-8 and graduated from a Christian college. I wanted to believe in God and I really wanted a bigger purpose of life… but I had some hard lines in the sand about who I thought God was and also what I thought it meant to be a Christian. I made peace with not having any religion and didn’t really know God.

I also have had a 20 year battle with anxiety- the crippling avoidant type. It definitely got worse with age, and parenthood, and dealing with lots of anxious people.

Oddly, in the beginning of 2021 I embarked on something that induced the most anxiety ever... I opened a business with my husband.

Stretchly basically got me in a state of realizing that I do not control anywhere near what I thought I could. At times, I literally didn't sleep for an entire week.That time was a blur, but in that time I prayed desperate prayers. I opened up to Christian ladies and had people praying for me and our business...

I had a moment that changed everything, and my journey had a flame lit. I wanted to know God, I wanted to figure out how to study and read the Bible. Just like that, the need for understanding was no longer my main goal. I wanted that feeling to happen more and more in my life. While the journey of faith isn’t “easy” my next steps have become simple. Love God and love people… and just watch what He does in and through you 💕

It is my hearts desire to let Stretchly be a place of healing, peace, and love.



I grew up in a church yet struggled with the concepts of faith & purpose the entire way. In 2023, after almost 20 years of running the opposite direction, I started listening to the whispers in my heart and allowed myself to reopen myself to God's promises with a fresh perspective.

The journey I'm on has been one of healing, questioning, frustration, confusion, joy, sadness, anger, gratitude, patience, peace, and everything in between. Alyssa and I have started to discover a new purpose within our home, for our Marriage, for our Kids, for Stretchly, for our staff, and for our community.

I don't know where this going, but I'm excited to see God's plan for me, my family, and business unfold. If you are reading this, then I hope you can be part of that journey with us.